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iWire-B3G Isolated ECG/EMG/EEG/GSR iWire Recording Module

iWorx has developed a proprietary Serial Interface technology called iWire. iWire devices enable unparalleled expansion of your laboratory recording equipment by simply plugging in an iWire compatible device. The iWire-B3G is furnished with the iWorx TA Recording Module.  It allows the recording of up to three channels of ECG, EMG or EEG as well as GSR ( skin conductance ) from a single iWire input on the recording Module.  A traditional data recorder would require 4 additional recording channels to accomplish this.

In addition to measuring Bio-Potentials, each channel is also capable of measuring temperature using the TM-BIO temperature sensor.

Analog Inputs1- GSR (skin conductance), 3-Biopotential
Biopotential Range2400mV, 1200mV, 800mV, 400mV, 200mV, 100mV, 50mV, 25mV, 12mV
GSR Range0-10000 micro Siemens
A/D Converter
Sampling Speed20k Samples/sec per channel simultaneous
Resolution16 Bit
Warranty and UpgradesProtected by a 3 year warranty


Part Number: iWire-B3G