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Top 12 labs

Here are a few of our favorite labs, listed here in order of the general curriulum sequence.

Pulse-OX Challenge

A critical component of homeostasis is maintaining oxygen saturation. Your body will adapt to various activities to ensure proper oxygen levels.

Feb 2019: Physiology of Attraction

Does tall, dark and handsome melt your soul like warm chocolate? Does a cute, little nose push all the right buttons? Why does someone make your heart palpitate and your palms go sweaty and you get tongue-tied just thinking about him/her? There is a science to all this attractiveness.

Jan 2019: Hand Dominance

Does the dominant limb have both faster reaction time and faster nerve conduction velocity than the non-dominant limb?

Nov 2018: Sports Psychology – Music and EEG

Sport psychologists have advised athletes to use music as tool in preparation for competition. This is due to the fact that music will influence arousal if it promotes thoughts that encourage physical activity or relaxation.

Sept 2018: EEG Control Lab

This lab uses EEG, meditation and scoring to see if brain wave activity can be controlled

Welcome Back ~ Fall 2018

Welcome Back ~ Fall 2018

May 2018 – Myth Busters

Myth Busters

April 2018: Conditioned Response

Conditioned Response

March 2018: Antagonistic Muscles and Range of Motion ~ Flexibility Training

Antagonistic Muscles and Range of Motion ~ Flexibility Training