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Use these resources to gain more technical information about iWorx hardware, software, courseware, and teaching experiments. iWorx customers can Register or Enter the User Area for more information and software downloads.

Wiring Diagrams

Connector Wiring Diagrams
These wiring diagrams will help you connect transducers from other manufacturers to iWorx interfaces and amplifiers.


View our complete catalog of courseware for human, combination human, animal, and psychological physiology experiments.

LabScribe Software Tutorial
These tutorial videos features a series of simple exercises designed to familiarize students and teachers with iWorx hardware and operation of the LabScribe software. All aspects of the software in the teaching exercises are covered.

External Resources
iWorx has compiled an extensive list of external resources and Web links to a variety of physiology topics.

Computer Specs

LabScribe v3:

  • Windows OS: Vista, Win7, Win8, Win10
  • Mac OS: OSX 10.9 and above
  • Linux: ( beta testers required )

Computer hardware for LabScribe:

  • Minimum specs: Dual Core processor, 4GB or greater memory.
  • Recommended specs: Quad Core 64 bit Processor, 4GB or greater memory.

Computer hardware for Eye Tracking :

  • Recommended specs: Intel i7/6700 CPU,  16GB Ram, a 256 GB Solid state drive, Graphics card


Tablets running the full Windows 8 or full Windows 10 version such as Surface Pro, Dell Venue Pro, Asus Transformer Book, VivoTad, Toshiba Encore, etc ( windows RT is not supported)