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EEG System for Cognitive Neuroscience

EEG System for Cognitive Neuroscience

EEG Software Module
iWorx EEG System is used for measuring electroencephalography (EEG) activity in humans for cognitive neuroscience and psychological physiology research.
The system provides the best price/performance of any 10–20 EEG system currently available.
EEG System

EEG Analysis System.
The 24 Channel EEG Recorder measures 20 channels of EEG, two Biopotential channels, a GSR Channel, and an Event Marker simultaneously from a single human subject.The system enables researchers to study brain responses to visual and auditory stimuli (pictures, letters, and sounds) as well as tactile, olfactory and gustatory stimuli for ERP investigations. It can also simultaneously acquire other physiological signals, such as temperature, respiration rate, heart rate, blood pressure, EMG, and EOG.

LabScribe EEG Analysis Module
The LS-30EEG Analysis Module for LabScribe software allows investigators to look at EEG data using a number of preset standard EEG montages. The alpha, beta, theta and delta frequency distribution is calculated for each electrode combination and displayed graphically within the LabScribe EEG interface. Data can be manually analyzed within LabScribe or segments of ERP data parsed for export to a .txt, .csv EDF or MatLab file format for further analysis.


  • Includes built-in stimulus presentation/experiment builder software like OpenSesame
  • Play sound, display images or videos as part of predefined experimental protocols
  • Export of data in text, EDF or MatLab format allows for post-processing with many EEG analysis programs
  • Easily view data using a variety of preset montages
  • Calculates and visually displays EEG power in the alpha, beta, theta, delta bands
  • Integrates with other stimulus presentation experiment builder software such as OpenSesame
  • Matlab, LabView & C++ drivers

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