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Game Show Physiology Lab

Game Show Physiology Lab

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About the Game Show Physiology Lab
Do you know how to play Jeopardy? Press the buzzer to ring in and be the first person to answer the verbal question correctly for big money!

How about Password? Have the ‘MC’ give single word clues and the first person to ring in and guess the secret word, wins!

Can you come up with the right answer? Try playing the anatomy version of Trivial Pursuit or Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?

This lab will investigate the both the reflex response and the heart rate in subjects who are “under stress” to answer chapter review questions, or any game show questions, accurately and faster than their peers.

Students gain an understanding of the time taken between a stimulus (the asking of the question or the single clue) and the response, as well as what happens to the heart rate of the subjects involved in the Game Show scenario.

What a great way to study physiology and also gather data appropriate for use in both Physiology and Psychology classes or research studies. Make up your own question cards or use the flashcards and
interactive study information that come with your textbook.

Have prizes, have fun, and Get Smart!

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