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Animal Muscle
AM-01Skeletal Muscle - Weight and Work
AM-02Skeletal Muscle - Summation and Tetanus
AM-03Heart Muscle
AM-04Uterine Motility with Displacement Transducer
AM-05AIntestinal Motility with Displacement Transducer
AM-05BIntestinal Motility with Force Transducer
AM-06Frog Electrocardiogram
AM-07Crayfish Heart
AM-08Byssal Retractor Muscle
AM-09Crayfish Gut Pharmacology
AM-10FrogNerveMuscle - Summation, Tetanus, and Fatigue in a Intact Nerve/Muscle Prep
AM-11Earthworm Smooth Muscle Contractions
AM-12Crayfish Electrocardiogram
Animal Nerve
AN-01Membrane Potentials
AN-02Compound Action Potentials
AN-03Neuromuscular Studies
AN-04Action Potentials in Earthworm
AN-05Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors
AN-07Cockroach Cercal Sense Organs
AN-09Membrane Potentials - 3100
AN-10Crustacean Stretch Receptors
AN-11Leech Central Nervous System
AN-12ACrustacean Neuromuscular Junction
AN-12BNeuromuscular Junction in Crayfish - part B
Cellular Metabolism
CM-01Oxygen Consumption and Size
CM-02Mitochondrial Metabolism
CM-03Mitochondrial Respiration
CM-05CO2 Fixation
CM-06Whole Pant Gas Analysis
CM-07Oxygen Consumption and Aerobic Respiration
Fluid Balance
General Biology
GB-01Biological Buffers
GB-02Membrane Permeability
GB-03Water Quality
GB-04Ecological Balance
GB-05Acid Rain
GB-06Conductivity of Solutions
Human Circulation
HC-01Blood Pressure, Peripheral Circulation and Body Position
HC-02Blood Pressure, Peripheral Circulation and Imposed Conditions
HC-03Pulse Wave Velocity
HC-04Pulse Contour Analysis
HC-05Body Position, Exercise and Cardiac Output
HC-06Effects of Temperature on Peripheral Oxygen Saturation Levels
Human Exercise
HE-01Metabolism and Thermal Response to Exercise
HE-02Recovery from Exercise
HE-03Exercise, Blood Pressure and Oxygen Saturation Levels
HE-04ARespiratory Exchange Ratio
HE-04BRespiratory Exchange Ratio
HE-04CRespiratory Exchange Ratio
HE-05AResting Metabilc Rate
HE-05BResting Metabilc Rate
HE-05CResting Metabilc Rate
HE-08Regulation of Body Temperature and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
HE-08ARegulation of Body Temperature and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
HE-09AResting, Active and Exercising Metabolic Rates
HE-09BResting, Active and Exercising Metabolic Rates
HE-09CResting, Active and Exercising Metabolic Rates
HE-10AAerobic Fitness Testing
HE-10BAerobic Fitness Testing
HE-10CAerobic Fitness Testing
HE-12Targeted Exercise with Wireless Electrocardiogram (ECG)
Human Heart
HH-01Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Peripheral Circulation
HH-02ECG and Heart Sounds with Stethoscope
HH-03Exercise, the ECG and Peripheral Circulation
HH-04Six Lead ECG
HH-05AThe Diving Reflex
HH-05BThe Diving Reflex with Respiration rate
HH-06Heart Rate Variability
HH-07ECG using Six Chest Leads
HH-09ECG and Heart Sounds using an Electronic Stethoscope
HH-1012-Lead Electrocardiograms (ECGs)
HH-11ECG ~ Simulations and Comparisons
HH-12Pulse and Heart Rate Variability (HRV)
Human Kidney
HK-01Human Kidney
HK-02Kidney Diffusion and Conductivity
Human Muscle
HM-01Grip Strength and the Electromyogram
HM-02Electromyogram Activity in Antagonistic Muscles
HM-03Oculomotor Muscle Activity
HM-04Stimulus Response, Work, Summation and Tetanus in Human Muscles
HM-05Flexibility and Range of Motion
HM-06Stimulation of Antagonistic Muscles
HM-07Electromyogram (EMG) Activity in Antagonistic Muscles and Range of Motion
HM-08Electromyogram (EMG) Activity while Arm Wrestling
HM-09Kinesiology and Electromyogram (EMG) Activity in Targeted Muscles
HM-10The Electrogastrogram (EGG) and Growling Stomach
HM-11Electromyogram (EMG) for Paired Arm Wrestling
HM-12Wii Balance Board and EMG Activity
Human Nerve
HN-01Auditory and Visual Reflexes
HN-02AStretch Receptors and Reflexes with Reflex Hammer
HN-02BStretch Receptors and Reflexes with Plethysmograph
HN-03Human Nerve Conduction Velocity
HN-04Hand vs. Foot Reactions
HN-05Visual Reflexes and Color Stimulation
HN-06Hoffman Reflex using the Soleus Muscle
HN-07Median Nerve Conduction Velocity
HN-08Game Show Physiology
Human PsychoPhysiology
HP-01The Electroencephalogram (EEG)
HP-01AThe Electroencephalogram (EEG) using Button Electrodes
HP-02Galvanic Skin Response and Emotion
HP-03Galvanic Skin Response and Deception, Coginitive Compliance and Vigilance
HP-04Skin Temperature, Stress, Calming and Embarrassment
HP-05AHeart Rate and Blood Pressure
HP-05BPersonality and Vagal Tone
HP-05CVigilance and Reaction Time
HP-06Cynicism-Hostility and the Hot Reactor
HP-07The Stroop Effect
HP-08The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Investigation into Cheating
HP-09Facial Expression Electromyograms (EMG) and Emotion
HP-10Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP)
HP-11Multisensory Reaction Times
HP-12Rubber Hand Illusion
HP-13The Gaze Cue Paradigm
HP-14Hypothesis-driven Biofeedback Lab/Research Study
HP-16Eriksen Flanker Test
Human Spirometry
HS-01Breathing Parameters at Rest and After Exercise
HS-02Breathing and Gravity
HS-03Factors that Affect Breathing Patterns
HS-04Lung Volumes and Heart Rate
HS-05Breathing Techniques and Heart Rate
HS-06Ventilation and Oxygen Saturation Levels - Part 1
HS-07Ventilation and Oxygen Saturation Levels - Part 2
HS-08Restrictive and Obstructive Airway Diseases
TT-01Tutorial with ECG
TT-02Tutorial with pulse