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Many instructors ask us for advice for bringing in more physiology to their A&P Lab classes.  Many labs rely heavily on the "Anatomy" side of things and the "Physiology" side gets short shrift. Most colleges and universities follow a very similar sequence when teaching A&P.  

First semester is the basics of the human body as a whole, some biochemisty, cell metabolism, mitosis and maybe a bit of genetics, and finally tissues.  From there the body systems 
start ~ primarily skeletal and muscular, thogh some schools also do the nervous system.  Second semester is usually nervous (if not completed already), senses, blood,Physiology Labs endocrine, circulatory, respiratory, excretory, and reproductive. It is sometimes difficult to know what Physiology labs to choose and how many to do, while keeping the integrity of the Anatomy portion of the lab.

This is where iWorx can help.  We have chosen a few of our favorite labs, listed here in order of the general curriulum sequence.  We hope you enjoy experimenting with these.


This list should bring some variety to your labs and keep your students engaged and thinking about physiology above and beyond lecture.  All these labs offer opportunities for student research as well.
If you have additional questions about the labs or how to put them into your curriculum, please contact Judi D'Aleo, Education/Technical Support Specialist at or 603-617-2575.