Making Physiology Happen


Teaching Kits


Human Physiology 

iWorx TA teaching kits for human physiology include everything you need
to conduct a comprehensive lab course in cardiovascular, respiratory,
and neuromuscular physiology.

animal physiology

Animal Physiology

The Combination Animal/Human Physiology Teaching Kits include
you need to conduct a comprehensive lab course in human and animal

Psychological Physiology

Psychological Physiology

iWorx Psychological Physiology Teaching Solutions provide everything
you need to perform professionally developed experiments and exercises
demonstrating essential concepts in psychological physiology


Exercise Physiology

iWorx exercise physiology teaching kits include all of the components
necessary to measure oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production
in resting and exercising subjects, as well as the measurement of blood
pressure, cardiograms, myograms, encephalograms, reflex responses,
spirometry and more.



The Neurobiology teaching kit includes everything you need to conduct a
variety of lab experiments including: membrane potentials and how they
develop; action potentials and how they develop and propagate;
synapses, transmitters, and receptors, and how they work; neurons in
the central nervous system, and how they control specific cells and
functions; Motor neurons and how they control or effect organs; and,
sensory receptors
and how they provide information to the central nervous system.

Behavioral Marketing Research

Behavioral Marketing

With the Behavioral Marketing Kit, researchers can learn:

  • How consumers feel about a particular product or
  • Why consumers prefer certain brands
  • What marketing messages deliver the most impact
  • How consumers react to an advertisement or a Web page

Biomedical Engineering


For physiology course basics, the LabScribe3 NI software and NI data
acquisition hardware provide a rapid access, zero programming solution
to acquiring and displaying basic physiological data.