Making Physiology Happen


Power Supplies

A-P12-DC-25-2.5A Power Supply for GA-200 Gas Analyzer
A-P12-AC-35-1A Power Supply for ETH-255 or 256, IX-204
A-UP5-DC-13-3A Universal 5VDC Power Supply for the

IX-100B, IX-228, IX-228S, IX-408, IX-416, GA-300

A-UP12-DC-25-1.5A Universal 12VDC Power Supply for the

IX-TA, IX-RA, IX-214, IX-114, SI-200, iWire-GA1, iWire-GA2

C-6-PWR-US-GN Power Cable with US Style Plug (6 ft.)
C-USG-B 6ft, US wall plug Grounded connector to Banana Connector cable. for grounding iWorx Recorders and Amplifiers.