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AK-TA Animal Physiology Teaching Kit

The AK-TA includes transducers and lab documentation of the animal experiments listed in the iWorx Physiology Lab Manual. Refer to the table of contents for the iWorx Physiology Laboratory Manual.

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The AK-TA Kit includes:

These Lab Exercises can be performed with the AK-TA kit. For additional exercises please visit the courseware page.

Animal Muscle
AM-02: Skeletal Muscle – Summation and Tetanus
AM-03: Heart Muscle
AM-07: Crayfish Heart
AM-08: Byssal Retractor Muscle
AM-09: Crayfish Gut Pharmacology
AM-12: Crayfish Electrocardiogram
Animal Nerve
AN-02: Compound Action Potentials
AN-03: Neuromuscular Studies
AN-04: Action Potentials in Earthworm
AN-05: Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors
Cellular Metabolism
CM-01: Oxygen Consumption and Size
CM-07: Oxygen Consumption and Aerobic Respiration
Fluid Balance
FB-01: Osmoregulation
Human Heart
HH-04: Six Lead ECG
HH-06: Heart Rate Variability
Human Muscle
HM-02: Electromyogram Activity in Antagonistic Muscles
HM-03: Oculomotor Muscle Activity
HM-08: Electromyogram (EMG) Activity while Arm Wrestling
HM-09: Kinesiology and Electromyogram (EMG) Activity in Targeted Muscles
HM-10: The Electrogastrogram (EGG) and Growling Stomach
HM-11: Electromyogram (EMG) for Paired Arm Wrestling
Human PsychoPhysiology
HP-09: Facial Expression Electromyograms (EMG) and Emotion
HP-10: Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP)
TT-01: Tutorial with ECG

Part Number: AK-TA