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AS-TA Add-On Animal Physiology Transducer Set

The AS-TA Add-On Transducer Set adapts the HK-TA and HK-TA256NI kits for use in traditional animal physiology experiments. This set includes all the equipment and courseware needed to convert an HK-TA (human) kit into an AHK-TA (combination animal/human) kit. With these additional transducers, 11 animal experiments with 47 exercises can be conducted. These include studies of action potentials, muscles, synapses, metabolism, fluid balance, and membrane potentials.

These Lab Exercises can be performed with the AS-TA addon. For additional exercises please visit the courseware page

Animal Muscle
AM-01: Skeletal Muscle – Weight and Work
AM-02: Skeletal Muscle – Summation and Tetanus
AM-03: Heart Muscle
AM-04: Uterine Motility with Displacement Transducer
AM-05: Intestinal Motility with Displacement Transducer
AM-06: Frog Electrocardiogram
AM-07: Crayfish Heart
AM-08: Byssal Retractor Muscle
AM-09: Crayfish Gut Pharmacology
AM-10: FrogNerveMuscle – Summation, Tetanus, and Fatigue in a Intact Nerve/Muscle Prep
AM-11: Earthworm Smooth Muscle Contractions
AM-12: Crayfish Electrocardiogram
Animal Nerve
AN-02: Compound Action Potentials
AN-03: Neuromuscular Studies
AN-04: Action Potentials in Earthworm
AN-05: Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors
AN-07: Cockroach Cercal Sense Organs
AN-08: Frog Sciatic Nerve Compound Action Potential
Cellular Metabolism
CM-01: Oxygen Consumption and Size
Fluid Balance
FB-01: Osmoregulation

Part Number: AS-TA

The AS-TA includes: