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RPC-100 Add-on Respiration/Photosynthesis Chamber

An add-on set for the AHK-TA Combination Animal/Teaching Kit, the RPC-100 is a reaction chamber designed for studying cellular respiration or photosynthesis. In these types of experiments, the chamber is filled with a mixture of cells or cell fractions, buffers, and reagents that react to either consume or produce oxygen. The amounts and rates of oxygen, that are consumed or produced, are measured using a dissolved oxygen electrode placed in the chamber. The changes in the concentration of oxygen in the chamber provide information about the movement of electrons through the chains of molecules that are responsible for the synthesis of ATP in mitochondria, or the light-driven movement of electrons through the chain of molecules that are responsible for creating the energy used in the synthesis of sugars in chloroplasts. 

The RPC-100 is used with iWorx ISE-730 Oxygen Electrode and includes a reaction chamber, magnetic stir bar, pipettes, tubing and experimental protocol.

Part Number: RPC-100

Manual: RPC-100