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A-iTRAX Eye Tracking Add-on Set

The A-iTRAX extends iWorx Teaching kits, with Eye Tracking.

Record eye tracking information, along with physiological data from any iWorx Recorder. Visualize and analyze subject reactions to various visual stimuli.


  • Use the Experiment Builder, which is part of LabScribe, to present images to the subject.
  • Multi-monitor support
  • Visualize scan path, and fixation duration.
  • Real-Time Display
  • Multiple Areas of Interest.

The A-iTRAX includes:

  • A-GZT : Gazepoint Eye Tracker
  • LS-iTRAX : LabScribe Eye Tracking Module.

Optional: The LS-220 Light Sensor, can be mounted to a monitor, to avoid operating system delays and detect onset of visual stimuli with precision.



Part Number: A-iTRAX