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IX-214 4-Ch Data Recorder

The iWorx 214 includes a dual-channel biopotential amplifier designed for use on human subjects. Two additional channels accept practically any sensor you are likely to encounter, as well as voltage output of pH meters, spectrophotometers and other laboratory devices. For most applications, setup is automatic and transparent to the user. With one mouse click, the unit can be configured for EEG, EMG (EOG) or ECG.

The iWorx 214 also includes a fully functional built-in stimulator. The recorder interfaces to the PC via the USB bus, which provides aggregate sampling at 100 kHz continuous.

Key Hardware Features
All hardware components carry a three-year unconditional warranty.

  • Stimulator is built-in to the recording unit.
  • Intelligent inputs adjust transducer gain automatically.
  • Software is upgradeable free-of-charge over the web.
  • Sampling speeds of 1 to 100 kHz continuous and 1 to  100 kHz snapshot.
  • Electronic design meets or exceeds UL safety standards for lab use and is CE certified.

LabScribe Data acquisition and Analysis software included.

Part Number: IX-214

Manual: IX-214

Analog Inputs 2 isolated differential biopotential
2 single-ended/differential transducers
Biopotential Amplifier Safe for use on human subjects; includes optically isolated input and AAMI input Cable
Input Impedance 10 Gigohms
Amplifier Frequency Response 2 KHz
ADC Resolution 16 Bit
Sampling Rate 100,000 samples/second aggregate
Continuous Input Range +5 V
System Noise 5 LSB (<2 mV)
Excitation Voltage ±5 V differential input only
Analog Output 1 (differential)
Output Range ±5 V, 100 V with optional SM-100
Output Current 45 mA
Output Resolution 12 Bit
Trigger 1 (TTL)
Warranty 3 years. 
Software LabScribe, with free updates
Power Supply: A-UP12-DC-25-1.5A