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IX-B3G Isolated Biopotential & GSR Recorder


The IX-B3G recording module allows recording of up to three channels of ECG, EMG or EEG as well as GSR (galvanic skin response). The recorder includes iWorx LabScribe Recording and Analysis Software and connects directly to a USB port on either a Macintosh or Windows computer. The module connects to the subject by snap-leads to pre-gelled AG/AgCl electrodes for recording biopentials and a finger electrode to record GSR.

Electrodermal activity (EDA), is the property of the human body that causes continuous variation in the electrical characteristics of the skin. Historically, EDA has also been known as skin conductance, galvanic skin response (GSR), electrodermal response (EDR), psychogalvanic reflex (PGR), skin conductance response (SCR), and skin conductance level (SCL).  Human extremities, including fingers, palms, and soles of feet display different bio-electrical phenomena. IX-B3G, is a GSR meter( or a skin conductance meter) which displays the change electrical conductance between two points over time.


Kinesiology is the study of human and nonhuman animal-body movements, performance, and function by applying the sciences of biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, psychology, and neuroscience. When studying kinesiology,  surface electromyography  (sEMG or Surface EMG) is the measurement of choice.  The IX-B3G enables upto 3 channels of EMG recordings.


ECG signals can be measured with the IX-B3G.  Measuring 2 channels of ECG, Lead I and Lead II allows LabScribe to calculate Lead III, aVR, aVF and aVL .


Experiment Builder:

Use the stimulus presentation capabilities of LabScribe software, to show an image, play a sound or a video file, while recording physiological parameters from the subject. Details…

Optional Addons:
  • Temperature measurement with  TM-BIO temperature sensor.
  • Mark events using the EM-BIO Event Marker.
  • Measure range of motion with the GN-BIO goniometer
  • Measure human respiration with the RM-BIO Respiration Monitor
  • FRS-BIO: Foot Reaction Switch
  • PRH-BIO: Patellar Reflex Hammer
  • EIM-BIO: Emotional Intensity Meter
  • ES-BIO : Electronic Stethoscope
  • LS-BIO: Light Sensor
  • PO2-100B: Pulse Oximeter with BNC outputs – finger sensor included
  • PO2-CMS50D: USB Pulse-Oximeter
  • Use the IA-100D with the C-BNC-MP2 to record data from any iWorx DIN8 transducer.

Experiment Builder

Use the stimulus presentation capabilities of LabScribe software, to show an image, play a sound or a video file, while recording physiological parameters from the subject. Details…

EMG Technotes:

Perform MVC calculations in LabScribe.

EMG analysis using LabScribe

LabScribe ECG Analysis ModuleLabScribe ECG Analysis Module

iWorx LabScribe ECG Software Module is a powerful and user-friendly tool intended to automate the analysis of ECG data from a variety of species.
  • Measure R-R, PR, QT, QR and QTc intervals, QRS, T, P and TP durations, P, Q, R, S, T amplitudes and ST elevation, etc...
  • Specific analysis templates are included to accurately delineate PQRST onset, durations and amplitudes
  • Custom templates can also be created based on unique ECG profiles and saved to a library for future use
  • Beat averaging and classification
  • Outlier removal based on abnormal R-R intervals, heart rate, noise and activity
  • Easily extract source data and average data as images or text files
  • Plug and play compatible with all iWorx data acquisition
  • Optional ASCII Text Import Module is also available that enables import of ECG data in text or edf format that was recorded by any other acquisition program

Heart Rate Variability

Kubios HRV - Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software is an advanced tool for studying the variability of heart beat intervals.  Data can be exported from LabScribe using the edf export option and then imported into Kubios HRV for analysis, as shown in this technote

LabScribe Import Module

The iWorx ASCII Import Module enables import of data in text format that was recorded in any other data acquisition program. The module also allows the researcher to use the analysis functions in LabScribe software on data they may have previously recorded with a different program. Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual

Part Number: IX-B3G

Manual: IX-B3G

Analog Inputs 1- GSR 3-Biopotential
Biopotential Range 2400mV, 1200mV, 800mV, 400mV, 200mV, 100mV, 50mV, 25mV, 12mV
GSR Range 0-10,000 micro Siemens
A/D Converter
Sampling Speed 20k Samples/sec per channel simultaneous
Resolution 16 Bit
Interface USB full speed
Enclosure Plastic
Certification CE
Power USB
Warranty Protected by a 3 year warranty
Software LabScribe
Optional Addons: