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IX-ECG6 6-Lead ECG Recorder with LabScribe Software

The iWorx 6lead ECG recorder enables accurate and reliable ECG analysis of  humans or animals. Measuring 6 ECG leads simultaneously, this compact and lightweight PC-based ECG recorder, connects to and is powered by a USB port on any Windows or Macintosh computer.  Data is recorded and analyzed with iWorx advanced LabScribe ECG Software Module.

The IX-ECG12 can record all 12 leads of ECG

Analog Inputs 4 Electrodes: RA,LA,RL,LL
Input Range 2400mV, 1200mV, 800mV, 400mV, 200mV, 100mV, 50mV, 25mV, 12mV
A/D Converter
Sampling Speed 2k Samples/sec per channel simultaneous
Resolution 16 Bit
Interface USB full speed
Enclosure Plastic
Certification CE
Power USB
Warranty and Upgrades Protected by a 3 year warranty
Software LabScribe


Part Number: IX-ECG6