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IX-EEG 10-20 system EEG Recorder


The EEG system consists of the IX-EEG recorder and the LabScribe acquisition and analysis software, including the EEG analysis module.

The IX-EEG is a 24 Channel Recorder for measuring 20 channels of EEG, two Bio Potential Channels, a GSR Channel and an Event Marker simultaneously from a single human subject.

The EEG is recorded using a 10-20 system EEG cap with Silver-SilverChloride electrodes. The recorder is furnished with LabScribe3 Software with the EEG Analysis Module and connects directly to a USB port on either a Macintosh or Windows computer.  The EEG and GSR electrodes are connected to the subject by snap-leads to pre-gelled Ag/AgCl electrodes.

The IX-EEG requires an EEG cap such as : A-EEG-CAPSYS.

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EEG Inputs 20 Channels of EEG,
using a 10-20 EEG cap
(Ag-AgCl electrodes recommended)
Bio-Potential 2 channels for ECG, EMG, EOG etc
GSR 1 Channel ( requires C-ISO-GSRYB)
Event Marker 1 Channel ( requires EM-IXEEG)
A/D Converter
Input Range +/- 180mV
Sampling Speed 500 Samples/sec per channel simultaneous
Resolution 24 Bit
System Noise 1 uV p-p input shorted noise at 100 s/sec
2 uV p-p input shorted noise at 500 s/sec
Input Impedance >500 M Ohm
CMRR 110 dB
Interface USB
Software LabScribe3 with EEG Analysis Module
Montages Preset standard montages
Enclosure Plastic
Power USB
Warranty and Upgrades Protected by a 3 year warranty


LabScribe EEG Analysis Module

EEG Software Module
The LS-30EEG Analysis Module for LabScribe software allows investigators to look at EEG data using a number of preset standard EEG montages.  The alpha, beta, theta and delta frequency distribution is calculated for each electrode combination and displayed graphically within the LabScribe EEG interface.  Data can be manually analyzed within LabScribe or segments of ERP data parsed for export to a .txt, .csv  EDF or MatLab file format for further analysis.


  • Includes built-in stimulus presentation/experiment builder software like ePrime, OpenSesame, psychopy etc.
  • Play sound, display images or videos as part of predefined experimental protocols using macros.
  • Export of data in text, EDF or MatLab format allows for post-processing with many EEG analysis programs
  • Easily view data using a variety of preset montages
  • Headview and EEG powerband view for the montages.
  • Calculates and visually displays EEG power in the  alpha, beta, theta, delta bands
  • Calculate custom indices based on EEG power bands to quantify activities, such as Relaxation, Task Engagement etc.
  • Integrates with other stimulus presentation experiment builder software such as OpenSesame
LabScribe EEG manual    


Part Number: IX-EEG

Manual: IX-EEG

The IX-EEG system includes:
  • IX-EEG: Recorder.
  • LabScribe Software.
  • C-ISO-SL5 : 5 recording leads with snap
  • C-ISO-GSRYB: GSR Finger Electrodes
  • USB Cable and 50 ECG elctrodes.
Accessories and Addons:
  • EM-IXEEG : Event Marker specifically designed for the IX-EEG, plugs into the EM/Sync port of the IX-EEG and allows the user to place a mark in the record.
  • A-EEG-CAP : EEG 10-20 system Electro-Cap  with Silver/Silver Chloride electrodes.
  • C-ISO-SL5: Set of five snap-leads
  • C-ISO-GSRYB: GSR Finger Electrodes (Set of Two), Blue and Yellow for use with IX-EEG
  • A-16G-NEEDLE-10: 16g Blunt needles for EEG, pack of 10.
  • A-5SYRINGE-10: 5ml Syringe, pack of 10
  • A-EEG-SD: Disposable Sponge Disks (pkg. of 100)
  • A-ECI-16: Electro-Gel - 16 oz. for use with EEG cap
  • A-ECI-32: Electro-Gel - 32 oz. for use with EEG cap