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Actiwave Cardio LabScribe kit

Actiwave Cardio LabScribe kit: includes Actiwave Cardio, Cardio-dock, Actiwave Setup Software, LS-30TXT LabScribe EDF Import Module.

Activewave Cardio

The Actiwave Cardio is a waterproof ultra-miniature single channel ECG waveform recorder. It consists of two electrodes connected by a short lead which simply clip onto two standard ECG pads worn on the chest. It also contains a tri-axial accelerometer, the signal from which allows the user to determine resting body position. For a single channel 24 hour holter recording the Actiwave Cardio gives unsurpassable wearability. The very small size allows for continuous  monitoring in a wide range of subjects and applications.

Features include:

  • Record a full single channel ECG Waveform for up to 31 hours
  • Simultaneously record 3-axes of acceleration
  • Combine heart rate and activity to calculate energy expenditure – validated against Doubly Labelled Water
  • Use acceleration data to record body position
  • Non-invasive technology
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Non-volatile memory
  • Rechargeable

Newsletter about using the IX-ACT-Cardio:


The Actiwave range requires two types of software in order to both setup and analyse the data. All Actiwave docks are supplied with CamNtech Actiwave Setup Software and the user then has to choose which software package they wish to analyse the data in.

Setup Software

  • Used to configure, setup and download the Actiwave
  • Also used to control the Actiwave charging function
  • Files are downloaded in EDF+ or CSV for viewing in a range of analysis software packages

Activewave setup software

LabScribe3 Analysis Software

By using an open data format (EDF+) to transfer the data from the Cardio, the device is directly compatible with LabScribe3 analytical software with the EDF Import Module.


The Cardiodock is a 3-channel Cardio reader and charger for the Actiwave Cardio device. The Cardiodock is used to interface via USB with the PC software and both charge and initialize/download the Actiwave signals.

Part Number: IX-ACT-CARDIO