Making Physiology Happen


REACH-DL Distance Learning System

The REACH-DL is a home-based lab kit designed for distance learning and online students. The kit contains the sensors, recording software, and write-ups to perform over 10 core experiments introducing your students to the fundamentals of cardiovascular, neuromuscular and respiratory physiology.

Each exercise is laid out in a step-by-step, simple-to-use fashion, allowing your students to perform hands-on experiments at home, easily analyze their findings, and generate a report.

REACH-DL includes:

  • REACH Physiological Recorder
  • LabScribeDL Recording and Analysis Software
  • Set of 5 snap leads for ECG/EMG and Respiration (C-ISO-SL5)
  • 50 electrodes ECG/EMG/Respiration Electrodes (A-ELEC-50)
  • Kit Box (A-KB-REACH)

Labs that can be performed with this system:

Tutorial with pulse: Learn how to use LabScribeDL and the iWorx systems using pulse.
Human Heart
Electrocardiogram (ECG) and Peripheral Circulation:  ECG and the effect of temperature on the body’s limbs.
Exercise, the ECG and Peripheral Circulation: ECG and the effects of two forms of exercise, upper and lower limbs.
The Diving Reflex: Study the mammalian diving reflex and the effect on pulse.
Human Muscle
Electromyogram Activity in Antagonistic Muscles: Investigate muscle activity in antagonistic muscles.
Oculomotor Muscle Activity: Study muscle activity while doing a variety of different tasks including pursuit and vergences.
Kinesiology and Electromyogram (EMG) Activity in Targeted Muscles:  EMG in “active” muscle groups to make sure that the exercise routine is being done properly.
Human Nerve
Auditory and Visual Reflexes: The study of whether sight or sound stimuli cause a faster reaction time.
Stretch Receptors and Reflexes: Uses the Pulse Transducer to “feel” the stroke of the reflex hammer to look at myotactic responses in the knee and ankle.
Human Respiration
Breathing Techniques and Heart Rate: A variety of different breathing patterns and how both lung volume and heart rate are affected.


Part Number: REACH-DL

Measurements ECG/EMG, Respiration, Event Marker, Pulse
Sampling Speed 1000 samples per second, per channel, simultaneous
Power USB powered
Kit box dimensions 11" x 7.25" x 1.75"
System Weight 1 lbs