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ETS-Peak Add-On Human Exercise Physiology Teaching Set


The ETS-Peak kit includes all of the hardware, software and courseware required to add the ability to perform exercise physiology experiments with the iWorx HK-TA Human Physiology and AHK-TA Combination Animal/Human Physiology Teaching Kits.

The ETS-PEAK is suitable for recording and measuring:

  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
  • Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
  • Sedentary to light activity VO2 and VCO2
  • VO2 max
  • Anaerobic Threshold (AT)/ Ventilatory Threshold (VT)

These Lab Exercises can be performed with the ETS-Peak addon. For additional exercises please visit the courseware page

Human Exercise
HE-04B: Respiratory Exchange Ratio
HE-05B: Resting Metabilc Rate
HE-08: Regulation of Body Temperature and Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
HE-09B: Resting, Active and Exercising Metabolic Rates
HE-10B: Aerobic Fitness Testing

Part Number: ETS-Peak

The ETS-PEAK includes: