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iWire ROAM Wireless ECG, Resp & Accelerometer

The iWorx ROAM-ECG is a versatile, wireless system designed to provide long-term recording and unrestricted movement. The recording device easily attaches to the subject’s chest with standard electrodes. The protective case doubles as a charging station. The system works with iWorx Recorders with an iWire interface. Data can be quickly analyzed with Labscribe analysis software or exported directly for other processing. The ROAM-ECG allows for hours of continuous recording with an untethered reach of 20 feet.


Also available without 3-axis Accelerometer ( iWireR-ECG )

System Includes

  • ROAM wireless ECG, Respiration and Accelerometer Recorder
  • ROAM wireless iWire receiver
  • Hard-Shell case for Charging and Storage
  • Retractable USB cable for charging

Part Number: iWireR-ECGA


Input Channels ECG
X,Y,Z acceleration
Sampling Speed 5k samples per sec. aggregate
Weight 16.8g
Dimensions 44.2mm x 42.7mm
Battery capacity 110 mAhr
Battery life 8hrs
Range upto 20ft