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IX-300 Research Grade Recorders


Replaced by the IX-RA-834   recorder or the IX-4xx Recorders and the IA-400D amplifier

The iWorx 300 Series Recorders are available in 4, 8 and 16 channel configurations. Each channel includes a transducer amplifier, that may be configured with or without galvanic isolation. These recorders exhibit the high resolution (24 bit) and low noise required for
cardiovascular research, tissue bath studies, Oocyte clamp and epithelial voltage clamp applications.


Resolution and Noise
The high resolution of the iWorx 300 series recorders combined with an unparalleled signal-to-noise ratio (noise as low as 32 microvolts) make it possible to resolve even the most subtle changes in pressure, tension, temperature, or other research parameters. For example, in vascular tissue studies, tension as low as 1 mg can be measured reliably. Likewise, changes as low as 0.1° C during thermal studies, or pressure changes as low as 0.1 mmHg during vascular studies, can easily be resolved.

Analog Outputs
Each channel of the iWorx 300 series recorders is equipped with an independently programmable 16 bit, +/-10V stimulator (DAC). Parameters for each stimulator, such as pulse width, frequency and amplitude, may be changed “on-the-fly” using handy controls located in the LabScribe2™ software tool bar. Standard protocols include Pulse, Train, Step, Triangle and Ramp. Each standard protocol allows the quiescent state to be a holding voltage, thereby making it ideal for voltage clamping applications.

Digital Output
Eight digital outputs are available to control devices such as pumps and valves. Programming the output lines is point-and-click easy, with no complicated scripting language required.

These recorders have a maximum sampling speed of 5 kHz on each channel, more than fast enough for the applications for which they are intended.


Real Units — LabScribe2 software allows you to calibrate the displayed data in the units appropriate to your application. New in LabScribe2 is support for multi-point calibration to address the use of nonlinear sensors.

Display Controls — A powerful benefit of the high resolution performance of the iWorx 300 series enables the use of LabScribe2’s AutoScale feature to optimize the scaling of displayed data. Time base or y-axis scaling can also be zoomed in or out with a single click of a mouse.

Computed Channels — LabScribe2 allows the creation of a virtual channel by applying a function to an existing raw or virtual channel. Thirty-five functions such as Periodic, Integral, Derivative, Smoothing, etc. are available. LabScribe2 can display up to 128 raw data or virtual channels. LabScribe2 uses a unique Views Manager to control the display of these channels. Related channels can be grouped into a View and you can, with a click of the mouse, switch between Views at any time, even while recording.

Specialized Analyses — LabScribe2’s AutoMark capability makes it possible to easily identify and perform measurements from characteristic points of interest in ECG, blood pressure and maximal response waveforms. LabScribe2 also allows online as well as offline XYplot and offline Fast Fourier Transforms of your recordings.  Recently, analytical modules have been added to LabScribe2 that allow real-time and post-run display and analysis of pressure volume loops and the analysis of metabolic parameters in humans and animals.

Real-time Notations — Keyboard input from the user may be time locked to the data to indicate drug delivery or stimulus points. Annotations may be positioned in the data, just as you would write on chart paper.

Twenty-Four Off-Line Calculations — Twenty-Four off-line calculations are also supported. These operate on  a selection of data and return a value. These calculations include Area Under the Curve, Max-Min, Slope at a Point, Slope of the Line of Best Fit and the Mean.

Data Exported to .txt or .png — Any view of the data can be exported to the disk as a text file or graphic. This capability is ideal for post calculation in programs like Excel™ or MatLab™. Picture formats make reports or poster presentations easy. Of course you can
always print data from any window in the program.


Manual for IX3xx

iWorx 300 Series Specifications
Number of Inputs 4, 8 or 16, with or without galvanic isolation
Input Range + 10 VDC
Stimulator Outputs  
Number 4, 8 or 16
Resolution 16 Bit
Output Range + 10 VDC
Modes Pulse, Train, Constant, Step, Ramp, Triangle
Stimulator Performance
Time Step 0.04 mS, 0.4 mS, 4 mS
Pulse Width (max.) 1.2 S, 12 S, 120 S
Frequency 12.5 kHz, 1.25 kHz, 125 Hz
A/D Converter  
Sample Speed (Samples/second) 1, 2, 5,10, 20, 50 100, 200, 500, 1 K, 2 K, 5 K
Interface USB
Power 120 V/220 V, 50/60 Hz
Warranty and Upgrades The iWorx
300 Series hardware is protected with a three year warranty.  Software upgrades are free, and are automatically delivered to registered users via the Web.  LabScribe2 software may be freely distributed.
Software iWorx LabScribe2
Trigger Modes External Trigger (TTL or Contact Closure), Threshold Trigger from Data, User Trigger
Display Real time, user definable Screen Time independent of Sample Rate, User Definable Units, AutoScale, Full Scale or User Defined Scale
iWorx Part Numbers IX-304Ti (isolated with transducer amplifier)IX-304T (with transducer amplifier)IX-308Ti (isolated with transducer amplifier)IX-308T (with transducer amplifier)IX-316Ti (isolated with transducer amplifier)IX-316T (with transducer amplifier)