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NBK-TA Neurobiology Teaching Kit

The NBK-TA Neurobiology Teaching Kit includes everything you need to conduct a variety of lab experiments including: membrane potentials and how they develop; action potentials and how they develop and propagate; synapses, transmitters, and receptors, and how they work; neurons in the central nervous system, and how they control specific cells and functions; Motor neurons and how they control or effect organs; and, sensory receptors and how they provide information to the central nervous system.

Animal Nerve Equipment Required
AN-01: Membrane Potentials IX-TA, IC-200
AN-02: Compound Action Potentials IX-TA, NBC-401 , IWIRE-B3G
AN-03: Neuromuscular Studies IX-TA, NBC-401 , IWIRE-B3G
AN-04: Action Potentials in Earthworm IX-TA, NBC-401 , IWIRE-B3G
AN-05: Cockroach Leg Mechanoreceptors IX-TA, C-ISO-N3 , IWIRE-B3G
AN-07: Cockroach Cercal Sense Organs IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-MP-H2 , C-BNC-N2
AN-08: Frog Sciatic Nerve Compound Action Potential IX-TA, NA-100 , NBC-401
AN-09: Membrane Potentials - 3100 IX-TA, AM-3100
AN-10: Crustacean Stretch Receptors IX-TA, iWire-B3G , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-11: Leech Central Nervous System IX-TA, AM-3100
AN-12A: Crustacean Neuromuscular Junction IX-TA, C-BNC-P2 , IWIRE-B3G , IC-200 , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-12B: Neuromuscular Junction in Crayfish - part B IX-TA, C-BNC-P2 , IWIRE-B3G , IC-200 , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-13: Crayfish Motor Nerve IX-TA, iWire-B3G , A-SUCTIONELEC
Human Nerve Equipment Required
HN-01: Auditory and Visual Reflexes IX-TA, EM-220
HN-02A: Stretch Receptors and Reflexes with Reflex Hammer IX-TA, PRH-200
HN-02B: Stretch Receptors and Reflexes with Plethysmograph IX-TA, PT-104
HN-03: Human Nerve Conduction Velocity IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-HVS-SL2
HN-04: Hand vs. Foot Reactions IX-TA, EM-220 , FRS-100
HN-05: Visual Reflexes and Color Stimulation IX-TA, EM-220 , BCL-100
HN-06: Hoffman Reflex using the Soleus Muscle IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-HVS-SL2
HN-07: Median Nerve Conduction Velocity IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-HVS-SL2
HN-08: Game Show Physiology IX-TA, PT-104 , EM-220
Human PsychoPhysiology Equipment Required
HP-01: The Electroencephalogram (EEG) IX-TA,
HP-01A: The Electroencephalogram (EEG) using Button Electrodes IX-TA, C-ISO-SC5
HP-02: Galvanic Skin Response and Emotion IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-03: Galvanic Skin Response and Deception, Coginitive Compliance and Vigilance IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-04: Skin Temperature, Stress, Calming and Embarrassment IX-TA, TM-220 , iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-05A: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure IX-TA, PT-104 , BP-220
HP-05B: Personality and Vagal Tone IX-TA, PT-104 , RM-204
HP-05C: Vigilance and Reaction Time IX-TA, PT-104 , EM-220
HP-06: Cynicism-Hostility and the Hot Reactor IX-TA, PT-104 , BP-220
HP-07: The Stroop Effect IX-TA, PT-104 , IWIRE-B3G , C-ISO-GSR
HP-08: The Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) and Investigation into Cheating IX-TA, iWire-B3G , PT-104 , C-ISO-GSR
HP-09: Facial Expression Electromyograms (EMG) and Emotion IX-TA, iWire-B3G
HP-10: Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP) IX-TA, iWire-B3G
HP-11: Multisensory Reaction Times IX-TA, C-HVS-SL2
HP-12: Rubber Hand Illusion IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR , TM-220 , PT-104
HP-13: The Gaze Cue Paradigm IX-TA, EM-220
HP-14: Hypothesis-driven Biofeedback Lab/Research Study IX-TA, iWire-B3G , C-ISO-GSR , PT-104 , BP-220 , RM-204 , TM-220
HP-16: Eriksen Flanker Test IX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220
HP-17: Levels of Processing and Memory IX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220 , RPD-400 (opt)
HP-18: Posner Attention Test IX-TA, iWire-B3G , EM-220 , iTrax (opt)
HP-19: Lexical Decision Task IX-TA, EM-220 , EM-220 , RPD-400 (opt)

Part Number: NBK-TA

The NBK-TA includes:
  • IX-TA- 220 TA Control Module with 2 iWire Digital Interfaces and Built-in Low and High Voltage Stimulators
  • LabScribe Software with site license and free updates.
  • iWire-B3G iWire Compatible Isolated Biopotential Recording Module
  • EM-220 Event Marker
  • FT-220 Hand Dynamometer
  • FT-302 Force Transducer
  • GN-100 Goniometer
  • IC-200 Intracellular Probe
  • NBC-402 Dual Nerve Bath Chamber
  • PRH-200 Patellar Reflex Hammer
  • SMT-220 Striated Muscle Transducer
  • A-BST-100 Bi-Polar Stimulating Electrode
  • A-SUCTIONELEC Suction Electrode
  • C-ISO-SUCTION Suction Electrode Cable
  • A-STK-125 Dissection Kit
  • C-HVS-SL2 Cable - Set 2 (Red and Black) Safety to Snap-Lead
  • C-ISO-GNE5 Five Grass Platinum Needle Electrodes
  • C-ISO-SL7 Recording Leads - 7 Safety Pin to Snap Connectors
  • C-MP-H2 Monopolar extracellular hook electrode
  • C-BNC-P2 Cable -BNC to Dual Female Pin
  • C-ISO-FP5 Cable for Connecting the iWire-B3g to the NBC-402
  • A-GC-7165 Disposable Ag/AgCl Electrodes (100)
  • Courseware

Optional Add-Ons: