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RS-IBPFOx-RA Expandable Fiber Optic Catheter, BP System

iWorx offers the Opsens Fiber Optic pressure catheters in sizes starting at 1.0F. These catheters are recommended for measuring pressure in small vessels as well as ventricular pressures in small rodents. They are also highly recommended for recording arterial and chamber pressures in large animals. Being fiberoptic, they are suited for MRI applications as well.
Fiber Optic catheters offer superior sensitivity and temporal resolution compared to fluid-flled catheters and are generally more suitable for measuring intracardiac pressures from animal species with high intrinsic heart rates.

RS-IBPFOx-RA  Systems include:

Available in 1–4 channel confgurations.

Optional Add-Ons

Specifications for the Catheter 
Catheter Length 50 mm
Catheter Diameter 304µm OD (1F)
Cable Diameter 0.304 mm OD
Cable length 2m
Pressure range – 300 mmHg to + 350 mmHg
Precision ± 1 mmHg
Resolution 0.2 mmHg
Moisture drift (typical) < 3 mmHg/28 days
Thermal coefficient of Zero (typical) 0.2 mmHg per °C
Proof pressure 4000 mmHg
Operating temperature 10 °C to 50 °C
Operating humidity range 0-100%
EM/RF/MR/MW susceptibility Complete immunity
Cable length 1.5 meters standard (Other lengths available)
Optical connector SC standard

LabScribe Blood Pressure Module

LabScribe Blood Pressure Module LS-30BP The LabScribe Blood Pressure Module acquires and analyzes data from blood pressure transducers. Data can be analyzed from ventricular and arterial signals in real-time. The software automatically calculates common indices of function from the blood pressure signal where it can easily be exported to another program for further analysis.
Arterial Pressure Calculations: Ventricular Pressure Calculations:
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Pulse Height
  • Notch Pressure
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Time To Peak
  • Election Time
  • Percent Recovery
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Pressure (Pmean)
  • End-systolic Pressure (Pes)
  • End-diastolic Pressure (Ped)
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Developed Pressure
  • dP/dt@ User Set Pressure
  • Contractility Index
  • Relaxation Index
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Tension Time Index
  • Relaxation Time
  • Isovolumetric Time
  • Tau (Weiss, Logistic, Glantz, Mirsky)
Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual

Part Number: RS-IBPFO1-RA