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Rodent Manual NIBP System

The manual Rodent Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System, uses the tail cuff method to measure Blood pressure in rodents.  This is similar to to way blood pressure is measured in humans.  Instead of using a human arm we will be using the tail of the rodent.

The cuff and sensor assembly is placed over the tail of the rodent close to the base.  The pulse is monitored.  The cuff is inflated manually until the pulse signal is blocked.  The cuff pressure is slowly reduced.  and the pulse signal monitored as the cuff pressure  reduces.

The system includes:

  • Cuff and sensor assembly
  • Bulb and tubing for inflating the cuff and connecting to the IX-TA-220
  • Rodent Restrainer

Various sizes are available

  • RNIBPS1 : NIBP system with cuff  diameter of 12 mm, for rats, includes A-RR-554 restrainer
  • RNIBPS2 : NIBP system with cuff diameter 7 mm, for adult mice (> 25 g approx., depending on the strain) and rats up to 150 grams, includes A-RR-552 restrainer

Optional Restrainers:

  • A-RR-551B : Broome Style Rodent Restrainer.  1.25″ diam. x 4.5″ long. for 25 to 100g.
  • A-RR-552: Broome Style Rodent Restrainer.  1.5″ diam. x 5.5″long, for 30 to 125g .
  • A-RR-553: Broome Style Rodent Restrainer. 2″ diam. x 8″long, for 125 – 250g .
  • A-RR-554: Broome Style Rodent Restrainer. 2.5″ diam. x 8.5″long, for 250 – 500g .



Part Number: RNIBPS