Making Physiology Happen


Neuro Marketing

iWorx BMK-TA Neuro Marketing System provides researchers with the tools to investigate the relationship between the human mind (psychology) and the physiological responses to what is being demonstrated. The kit includes a data recorder and all of the sensors needed to record physiological signals and perform cognitive and normative analyses.


Neuro marketing, or behavioral targeting, is a well documented research technique used by online advertisers to deliver relevant advertisements and marketing messages based on the consumers’ online activities and browsing habits. Translating that behavior into actionable intelligence is the foundation of behavioral targeting.Beyond tracking online behavior for advertising purposes, other physiological factors of the consumer can be examined to determine the positive or negative response to the ad itself, a product, or service offering, thus giving marketers additional information to improve the impact of their marketing campaigns.With the Behavioral Marketing Kit, researchers can learn:

  • How consumers feel about a particular product or service
  • Why consumers prefer certain brands
  • What marketing messages deliver the most impact
  • How consumers react to an advertisement or a Web page

Translating Physiological Reactions to Actionable Marketing Research
Physiological experiments involve non-invasive measurements of physiological events (dependent variables) under varying psychological conditions or characteristics of personality (independent variables). Ultimately, the goal is to identify reliable physiological indicators of the subjects’ psychological states, their personality, and ultimately, their likes and dislikes.The physiological indicators under study include reaction time, skin conductance (GSR), pulse and heart rate, EEG, skin temperature, respiration, and muscle tension. These physiological responses, under neural control, can be windows into the psychological processes of the consumer. For example, students can measure  consumer reaction to various components of an ad, such as headlines, images, fonts, colors and layout, by measuring their pulse and heart rate while viewing different ad options.All of the easy-to-perform experiments and exercises presented in the kit are intended to demonstrate many of the interesting relationships between the brain and behavior that can provide marketing insight into the mind of the target consumer.

Behavioral Marketing Experiments
iWorx lab experiments demonstrated the relationship between the human mind (psychology) and the physiological responses to stimuli. Each experiment includes background information and concise instructions for equipment and software setup and procedures.






iWorx Behavioral Marketing Kit includes:

  • IX-TA-220 iWorx TA Recorder with built-in Spirometer, Barometric Pressure Sensor, Heart Sounds Sensor, GripForce/Blood Pressure Sensor, Temperature Sensor, O2 Electrode Input,two iWire Digital Interfaces, High and Low Voltage Stimulators.
  • LabScribe3 Software with Experiment Builder
  • PT-104 Pulse Probe
  • EM-220 Event Marker
  • TM-220 Temperature Probe
  • RM-204 Respiration Monitor
  • EIM-100 Intensity Meter
  • RPD-400 Response Pad
  • C-ISO-GC5 Gold Cup EEG Electrodes
  • C-ISO-GSR Electrodes
  • A-GC-7165 Ag/AgCl Electrodes
  • Courseware and Cables

Optional Addons:

List of all transducers compatible with the IX-TA-220