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Blood Pressure Solutions


LabScribe Blood Pressure ModuleProper assessment of cardiac function and hemodynamic performance requires a measurement of pressure from within the heart and peripheral arteries. iWorx offers several solutions for measuring pressure including fluid‐filled pressure transducers, catheter-tipped micro pressure sensors and non‐invasive tail cuff pressure systems. LabScribe software with the Blood Pressure Module provides built‐in software routines to perform a number of arterial and ventricular pressure calculations.

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Fluid-Filled Catheter Systems

The BP-100/102 blood pressure transducer is an economical and accurate device used to measure direct arterial or venous pressure in animals using the fluid-filled catheter technique. A precision laser-trimmed chip provides accurate and linear measurements over a broad range of pressures. Pressure changes in the vessel are transmitted within the fluid-filled tube to the pressure transducer and acquired for monitoring and further analysis. Tubing is available as small as 1 mm in outside diameter making this technique well-suited for measuring pressures in very small vessels.  Blood pressure systems include the transducer, cable, data recorder and software.

Fluid Filled Invasive BP System


RS-IBP4 : 4 Channel Invasive BP system includes

Solid-State Pressure Tipped Catheter Systems

iWorx offers catheter-tipped solid-state pressure catheters in sizes ranging from 1.2F to 7F. These catheters are recommended for measuring pressure in small vessels as well as ventricular pressures in small rodents. They are also highly recommended for recording arterial and chamber pressures in large animals.  Solid-state transducer-tipped catheters offer superior sensitivity and temporal resolution compared to fluid-filled catheters and are generally more suitable for measuring intra-cardiac pressures from animal species with high intrinsic heart rates. Systems include catheters, an amplifier/signal conditioner, data recorder and software.

Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems

Invasive measures of pressure are not always possible and, as a result, there may be a need for non-invasive methods to detect pressure. The most widely accepted technique for animals is the tail-cuff method. iWorx offers the new IITC Non-Invasive Blood Pressure Systems for mice and rats. The IITC Life Science tail cuff system is a compact, integrated single unit which includes a warming chamber, restrainer and tail cuff.  The system is controlled by a built in touch screen interface with controls for temperature, test cycle, cuff inflation, cuff calibration and various test parameters.  Up to 200 systems can be daisy chained to record independently or simultaneously.  Data can be downloaded directly onto a USB thumb drive while also being acquired via analog output by LabScribe software for further analysis.  Various sizes of restrainers and tail cuffs are available to suit a variety of research models.

MRBP-M Mouse Blood Pressure System (1 channel)
MRBP-R Rat Blood Pressure Systems (1 channel)


iWorx Blood Pressure Measurement Systems are configured from a wide range of high performance components, optimized for each applications. Components include transducers, catheters, non-invasive devices, amplifiers, recorders, cables, and software. Click on the links below for more information on each component.

BP-100 Probe


BP-100 Intravascular Blood Pressure Probe
Measures direct arterial or venous pressure in animals.BP-100RE Replacement Element for BP-100 Probe
BP-102 Transducer



BP-102 Blood Pressure Transducer
With integral 3cc flush device and stopcock, can be used to measure direct arterial or venous pressure in animals.
Catheter Options
Scisense Catheters

CATH-SCI Catheters

iWorx Recorders can record data from various catheters made by Scisense and Millar. Please contact an iWorx Applications Specialist for details.
NIBP Rodent Blood Pressure Systems
MRBP Mouse and Rat Tail Cuff Method Blood Pressure SystemsCompact NIBP system for rodents with built-in amplifier and warming chamber.   Touchscreen controls all parameters for system.  Allows non-invasive testing of a single animal at a time.
NIBP Tail-Cuff Sensors
IITCB^) Sensors


IITCB60 Sensors
Sensors come in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/4″ to 1″.
NIBP Animal Restrainers
IITC81/82 Animal Restrainers


IITC81 Animal Restrainers
Restrainers come in a variety of sizes to suit a wide range of animals.
 CablesC-BNC BNC Cable
C-DIN-EXT Male/Female DIN 8 Extension
Dedicated bridge amplifier for iWorx-brand transducers that provides four channels of excitation power, gain, and noise filtration.
ETH-256C Amplifier


ETH-256C Two Channel Combination Bridge/ECG/EMG/EEG Amplifier
High performance, general-purpose research amplifier with high input impedance and high CMR to allow reliable low noise recording of biopotential signals, as well as outputs from strain gauge type transducers, such as force, displacement and pressure. Includes an isolated head stage for recording ECG, EMG and EEG signals from humans.
IX-RA-834 Recorder


IX-RA-834 Recorder
The iWorx RA Recorder is the foundation for iWorx advanced research systems. Whether your work involves assessing cardiac performance, analyzing oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production for exercise physiology, or measuring some other physiological parameter, iWorx RA provides the ease of use and flexibility to speed your research.
IX-400 Series Recorder


IX-404 Recorder
The iWorx 404 Recorder is an  economical, high performance four channel data recorders for use with a broad range of analog amplifiers.  The recorder offers 16-bit resolution at a maximum data collection speed of 10 kHz,  making it appropriate for most research applications.


LabScribe Blood Pressure Module

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LabScribe Blood Pressure Module
LS-BP The LabScribe Blood Pressure Module acquires and analyzes data from blood pressure transducers. Data can be analyzed from ventricular and arterial signals in real-time.The software automatically calculates common indices of function from the blood pressure signal where it can easily be exported to another program for further analysis.
Arterial Pressure Calculations:Ventricular Pressure Calculations:
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Pulse Height
  • Notch Pressure
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Time To Peak
  • Election Time
  • Percent Recovery
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Pressure (Pmean)
  • End-systolic Pressure (Pes)
  • End-diastolic Pressure (Ped)
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Developed Pressure
  • dP/dt@
  • Contractility Index
  • Relaxation Index
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Tension Time Index
  • Relaxation Time
  • Isovolumetric Time
  • Tau (Weiss, Logistic, Glantz, Mirsky)

Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual


LS-30TXT  The iWorx ASCII Import Module enables import of data in text format that was recorded in any other data acquisition program. The module also allows the researcher to use the analysis functions in LabScribe software on data they may previously recorded with another a different program.