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IITC-229M Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System – Single Mouse

IITC-229M Non-invasive Blood Pressure System

The IITC-229M is a Non-Invasive Blood Pressure System that accommodates a single mouse. The system includes the IITC Life Science Amplifier with built-in inflation outputs measures systolic pressure, mean pressure, diastolic pressure and heart rate as analog signals which can be acquired by iWorx data recorders.

The system includes:

IITC229 Amplifier with Built-In Cuff Inflation Pump

IITCB60-1/4 Blood Pressure Sensor

IITCBC25 Sensor Cuff Stand

IITC SP-1 Accessory Package

IITC301 Test Chamber

IX-404 iWorx 4-Channel Recorder with LabScribe2 Recording and Analysis Software, USB cable, and Manual

LS-20BP LabScribe2 Blood Pressure Analysis Module 

Blood pressure systems can be configured to record from 1 to 24 animals. Systems can also be configured for larger animal species. Contact an iWorx applications specialist for more information.