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Large Animal ECG Solutions

Human and other Large Animal ECG Solutions

ROAM Wireless ECG and Respiration

  • Accelerometer optional
  • 8+ Hours of Continuous Recording
  • 20 ft Range
RS-ECG12-LA : 12-Lead Dedicated ECG System

IX-BI04-LA: Multilead Biopotential System
Designed to simplify biopotential recording. This system includes:

Also available with 8 Channel IX-BIO8  biopotential recorder.

Multi Lead Expandable
Several options are available depending on the research protocol and the need to acquire other signals (pressure, volume, flow, etc.) in addition to ECG.  Our multi-channel systems have software configurable gains, high-pass and low-pass filter settings. These systems allow for simultaneous recording of up to 12 ECG leads (lead I, lead II, lead III, aVR, aVL and aVF and the 6 chest leads). Suggested recorder: IX-RA-834 with iWire-BIO4 or iWire-ECG12
Large Animal System
Single Lead
This system includes the IX-100B single channel biopotential amplifier and recorder. This configuration is a cost effective solution for those only interested in measuring a single lead of ECG and no other physiological signals simultaneously. The gain, high-pass filter setting and low-pass filter setting can be configured via software.
Large Animal System



Analysing ECG’s recorded in LabScribe with Kubios HRV




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