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Intracardiac Electrophysiology Rat System

The RS-IERS Intracardiac electrophysiology system is configured specifically for recording up to 4 intracardiac electrical potentials from an octapolar electrophysiology catheter for rodents. This configuration also includes the ability to simultaneously pace the heart using any 2 catheter electrodes.

The RS-IERS mouse system includes:

  • IX-RA-834 Multi Channel Recorder
  • LabScribe Software with Lab Site license and free upgrades.
  • iWire BIO4
  • C-CEG-CIB Cather Interface Box with Extension cable
  • CATH-SCI-MO-190 1.9F Cardiac Electrogram Catheter
  • C-ISO-2mmM Safety Pin Connector Cable.
  • C-ISO-PN3 A set of 3 Platinum Subdermal Needle Electrode
  • C-BNC-mmM: BNC to 2mm male pin cable for Pacing the heart using the Low Voltage Stimulators on the IX-RA-834
  • C-HVS-2mmM: set of 2 Safety Banana Connectors to 2 mm Male Pin cable , for using the constant current stimulator for pacing the heart.
  • LS-30ECG  LabScribe ECG Analysis Module