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iWorx offers wireless, implantable telemetry solutions from Kaha Telemetry, for performing cardiovascular analyses in mice, rats and other laboratory animals. Each solution features LabScribe Blood Pressure and ECG software modules with built-in software routines to perform a number of advanced arterial and ventricular pressure calculations and ECG analyses.


  • Unequaled signal quality produces results in a shorter time frame
  • Shorter studies, requiring fewer animals, reducing costs
  • Inductive power for continuous wireless power/charging and easy reuse (rat telemeters)
  • No downtime for refurbishment
  • Unique applications such as tissue oxygen, dP/dt and SNA measurement


Rat Telemetry System

  • Recording range up to 5m
  • Data sampling frequency up to 2 kHz
  • Wireless power and battery backup provides  24/7 data recording capabilities
    Ideal for rats (>175g)
  • No refurbishment – recharge, re-clean, re-sterilize, reuse
  • Cohousing – two rats in a cage or two telemeters in a rat (>350g)
  • Independent digital transmission frequencies (up to 40) – multiple animals in a single room (no cross-signal interference)


  • Arterial Pressure
  • Left Ventricular Pressure (LVP)
  • Tissue Oxygenation
  • Sympathetic Nerve Activity (SNA)
  • High-frequency Biopotentials (ECG, EMG, EEG)
  • Intracranial Pressure (ICP)


  • TR57Y – Tissue Oxygen: Brain or kidney
  • TR50B – Single biopotential, ECG, EEG or EMG
  • TR50BB – Dual biopotential: Two signals e.g. EMG + EEG for sleep studies
  • TRM54P – Single pressure: 9 cm catheter standard( 15 cm & 25cm available)
  • TRM54PP  Dual Pressure: BP + LVP
  • TRM54BP  Pressure + Biopotential: BP + ECG
  • TRM56SP  Pressure + Sympathetic Nerve Activity (SNA)

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Mouse Telemetry System

  • Battery-less design for long term 24/7 recordings
  • Designed for high-fidelity recordings (2 kHz)
  • Unique contoured shape for subcutaneous implantation
  • Single use, disposable, eliminates need to explant, clean/resterilise or refurbish
  • Suitable for mice > 22g
  • Supplied sterile ready for implantation
  • Forty independent transmission frequencies (no interference)


  • Recording ECG, EEG or EMG
  • Conscious animal brain activity
  • Pharmacology and toxicology studies
  • Neurodegenerative research (Parkinson’s)
  • Seizure and epilepsy
  • Sleep & behavioural studies

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iWorx Telemetry Systems feature LabScribe software with the Blood Pressure Module and ECG module.

LabScribe Blood Pressure Module

LabScribe Blood Pressure Module LS-30BP The LabScribe Blood Pressure Module acquires and analyzes data from blood pressure transducers. Data can be analyzed from ventricular and arterial signals in real-time. The software automatically calculates common indices of function from the blood pressure signal where it can easily be exported to another program for further analysis.
Arterial Pressure Calculations: Ventricular Pressure Calculations:
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
  • Systolic and diastolic pressure
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Pulse Height
  • Notch Pressure
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Time To Peak
  • Election Time
  • Percent Recovery
  • Heart Rate (HR)
  • Maximum Pressure (Pmax)
  • Minimum Pressure (Pmin)
  • Mean Pressure (Pmean)
  • End-systolic Pressure (Pes)
  • End-diastolic Pressure (Ped)
  • Maximum dP/dt (dP/dtmax)
  • Minimum dP/dt (dP/dtmin)
  • Developed Pressure
  • dP/dt@ User Set Pressure
  • Contractility Index
  • Relaxation Index
  • Systolic Duration
  • Diastolic Duration
  • Cycle Duration
  • Tension Time Index
  • Relaxation Time
  • Isovolumetric Time
  • Tau (Weiss, Logistic, Glantz, Mirsky)
Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual

LabScribe ECG Analysis ModuleLabScribe ECG Analysis Module

iWorx LabScribe ECG Software Module is a powerful and user-friendly tool intended to automate the analysis of ECG data from a variety of species.
  • Measure R-R, PR, QT, QR and QTc intervals, QRS, T, P and TP durations, P, Q, R, S, T amplitudes and ST elevation, etc...
  • Specific analysis templates are included to accurately delineate PQRST onset, durations and amplitudes
  • Custom templates can also be created based on unique ECG profiles and saved to a library for future use
  • Beat averaging and classification
  • Outlier removal based on abnormal R-R intervals, heart rate, noise and activity
  • Easily extract source data and average data as images or text files
  • Plug and play compatible with all iWorx data acquisition
  • Optional ASCII Text Import Module is also available that enables import of ECG data in text or edf format that was recorded by any other acquisition program

Heart Rate Variability

Kubios HRV - Heart Rate Variability Analysis Software is an advanced tool for studying the variability of heart beat intervals.  Data can be exported from LabScribe using the edf export option and then imported into Kubios HRV for analysis, as shown in this technote

LabScribe Import Module

The iWorx ASCII Import Module enables import of data in text format that was recorded in any other data acquisition program. The module also allows the researcher to use the analysis functions in LabScribe software on data they may have previously recorded with a different program. Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual