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IX-BIOx EMG System

The IX-BIOx is a 4 or 8 channel recording system that allows multiple channels of EMG ( Electromyograph ) to be recorded simultaneously from a single exercising or resting subject.  Includes LabScribe recording and analysis software.

Measure and Analyze:

  • Surface EMG
  • Maximal voluntary contraction (MVC)
  • Muscle force
  • Fatigue
  • Strength and Performance Testing


  • Portable, compact, USB powered
  • Color coded leads
  • Easy export
  • Built-in Journal for report generation.

Also measures ECG and EOG.

EMG Technotes:

EMG analysis using LabScribe

Perform maximal voluntary contraction (MVC) calculations in LabScribe.

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IX-BIO4 Recording Module


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Additional Information:


Papers about EMG using iWorx systems on Google Scholar

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