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Metabolic Fitness Module


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Fitness Assessment

LabScribe Metabolic Calculations

LabScribe automates and streamlines both the analysis and reporting of metabolic parameters from a test subject. The calculations are derived from the input data acquired during a test which would typically include oxygen and carbon dioxide concentrations, lung volumes, and heart rates. Raw data can be viewed in real-time within the LabScribe Main window.

Setup and Calibrate:

Streamlined setup and calibration reduces error and saves time.


  • Relative and absolute oxygen consumption (VO2)
  • Relative and absolute carbon dioxide production (VCO2)
  • Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER)
  • Ventilatory Equivalent (VE/VO2)
  • Expired Minute Ventilation (VE)
  • Metabolic Equivalent (METS) and more


The Metabolic Calculations Module also allows these parameters to be plotted against time or each other to yield valuable information about the aerobic fitness of the subject. These plots include:
  • VO2, VCO2, RER vs. Time
  • VCO2 vs. VO2
  • VE vs. VO2
  • VE vs. VCO2
  • HR, VCO2 vs. VO2
  • %Fat
  • VE vs. Watts
  • HR, VO2/HR vs. Watts
  • VO2, VCO2 vs. Watts
  • VE/VO2, VE/VCO2 Vs. Watts
  • Resting Energy Expenditure (REE)
The Metabolic Calculations Module was enhanced considerably with the release of LabScribe V3 to serve our customers performing fitness assessment tests. Here are some noteworthy changes:
  • It is now possible to setup and save a subject profile while performing a fitness assessment test. During subsequent tests, the same subject profile can be loaded and data can be easily compared. This feature provides a convenient and simple way to track progress over time.
  • An intuitive user interface has been created to setup and customize training zones for subjects based on % of maximum heart rate or within a specific heart rate range.

Control Exercise Equipment

  • Treadmills: Treadmill that support the Trackmaster Protocol, such as treadmills from Trackmaster, Woodway can be controlled by Labscribe
  • Ergometers : Ergometers supporting the ANT+ FEC Trainer protocol can be controlled by LabScribe
  • Lode Ergometer: Lode Ergometers can be controlled by LabScribe.

Record ANT+ Sensor Data

Record data from various ANT+ sensors such as.
  • Heart Rate Sensors
  • Bike Power Sensors
  • Muscle Oxygen Sensors
Detailed information about using the modules is in the LabScribe Manual