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The Respiration Analysis Module calculates physiologically relevant parameters from previously recorded respiration pressure and volume data.

The calculations include:

  • Rate : Respiration Rate (bpm)
  • VE: Minute Vol. (VE) is calculated as VT*Rate
  • VT: Tidal Vol. Volume of air displaced between normal inspiration and expiration
  • PIF: Peak Inspiratory Flow.
  • PEF: Peak Expiratory Flow
  • Insp. T: Inspiration Time
  • Exp. T: Expiration Time
  • FIT: Fractional Inspiratory Time, it is calculated as Inspiration Time/(Inspiration Time + Expiration Time)
  • Apneic T: Apneic Time. Time from end of breath to start of next breath
  • Compliance: Dynamic Compliance : deltaV/deltaP) at zero flow pt
  • Resistance: Dynamic Resistance:  (deltaP/deltaF) at isovolume pts
  • Conductance: Dynamic Conductance :(deltaF/deltaP) at isovolume pts

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