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ROAM Wireless EMG

ROAM Wireless EMG

The iWorx ROAM EMG is a wearable, wireless system designed to provide long-term recording and unrestricted movement. The recording device easily attaches to the subject with standard electrodes. The protective case doubles as a charging station. The system works with both Windows and MacOS via standard USB interface. Data can be quickly analyzed with the included Labscribe analysis software or exported directly for other processing. The ROAM Wireless allows for hours of continuous recording with an untethered reach of 20 feet


  • 8+ Hours of Continuous Recording
  • Plug and Play Technology
  • No Syncing Required
  • PC and Mac compatible
  • USB-Powered
  • ECG, Respiration and Accelerometer measurements available
  • Low Noise
  • Includes LabScribe software for Data collection and Analysis.

Available Configurations:

  • ROAM Wireless EMG (1 Channel) – IXR-B1
    •  with Accelerometer – IXR-B1A
  • ROAM Wireless EMG (2 Channels) – IXR-B2
    •  with Accelerometer – IXR-B2A
  • Multiple ROAM Device system for upto 8 EMG channels: – RS-WEMGx

LabScribe Software Features for EMG


Roam Wireless User Manual

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IXR-B1 1 Channel EMG
IXR-B2 2 Channel EMG
IXR-B1A 1 Channel EMG
X,Y,Z acceleration
IXR-B2A 2 Channel EMG
X,Y,Z acceleration
Sampling Speed 5k samples per sec. aggregate
Weight 16.8g
(20.5g   IXR-B2, IXR-B2A)
Dimensions 44.2mm x 42.7mm
Battery capacity 110 mAhr
Battery life > 8hrs
Range up to 20ft
Electrodes A-ELEC-E-30 :Exercise Electrodes for ECG/EMG/Respiration, Offset Electrode  35x53mm