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Refurbished Product Savings.

For a limited time, Save an additional 15% off iWorx refurbished products.

All iWorx refurbished products are backed by a 1 year warranty.

IX-214 Recorder Refurbished IX-214R Data Recorders.

For new IX-214: Request a quote

Refurbished SI-100 Constant Current Stimulator Refurbished SI-100 Constant Current Stimulator

The SI-100 is an isolated constant current generator with 100 Volt compliance. It is speci?cally designed for safe transcutaneous stimulation of muscles.

Refurbished GSR-200 Refurbished GSR-200.

Measure Electrodermal activity such as GSR, SCL, SCR .


Refurbished DO2-100R Refurbished DO2-100R

The D02-100 is a current to voltage adapter designed to work with a Clark-style oxygen electrode.


Refurbished FT-325R Refurbished FT-325R

The FT-325 Hand Dynamometer is a student-grade grip force sensor .

Refurbished IC-200R Refurbished IC-200R

measure resting and action potentials, using the IC-200.

Refurbished EM-100R Refurbished EM-100R

EM-100 is a hand-held, push button switch.

Refurbished TM-100R Refurbished TM-100R

TM-100 is a self-contained temperature transducer with a range of 4 degrees C to 45 degrees C.

Refurbished FT-104R Refurbished FT-104R

FT-104 is a 0 to 1250 gram force transducer

Refurbished SP-304R Refurbished SP-304R

Measure respiratory flows and volumes.

Refurbished A-BST-100R Refurbished A-BST-100R

Bipolar Stimulating Electrode.