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  • iWorx TA Kit Trade-In Program

    Attention iWorx customers - want to trade up to the new TA Kit? iWorx is offering customers a generous trade-up opportunity. Request a quote.

  • iWorx TA Control Module

    iWorx TA Control Module is the heart of iWorx TA teaching kits and is designed to remove many of the tedious set-up and calibration routines typically required to perform a lab. It’s like having your own Teaching Assistant to set up the equipment for you. With iWorx TA,students simply plug in the sensors and start recording and analyzing data. No other lab system is that simple.


“The software is very understandable and straightforward with most students being able to use it the first week unassisted.”

Debra Mullikin-Kilpatrick, Ph.D
Biology Department, Boston College