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Animal Physiology

Customer Testimonialanimalphys_iconiWorx offers 80 experiments and more than 250 exercises in animal fluid balance, animal metabolism, animal muscle and animal nerve physiology and all of the components and courseware you need to conduct the labs. Choose one of our easy-to-use TA kits for combination animal/human physiology or design your own labs based on the experiments you want to teach using our unique LabsByDesign configurator.  


The Combination Animal/Human Physiology Teaching Kits include everything you need to conduct a comprehensive lab course in human and animal physiology. iWorx has also introduced a new teaching kit for advanced neurobiology. All of the packages with the AHK designation contain all of the transducers and lab experiments included in the human physiology teaching kits, plus the animal transducers and documentation for a total of 33 experiments and 123 exercises.

The additional experiments in animal physiology cover metabolism, membrane and action potentials, muscle activity, and ionic and osmotic balance. Detailed instructions for each experiment and exercise are provided in the iWorx Physiology Laboratory Manual. You can find an overview of the learning goals and outcomes for each exercise here.

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Animal Physiology Experiments

Note: The labs presented below are intended for evaluation purposes only. iWorx users should refer to the User Area for the most current versions of labs and LabScribe2 Software. For additional experiments visit the courseware page.

AM-01:Skeletal Muscle - Weight and WorkIX-TA,DT-475, A-BST-100
AM-02:Skeletal Muscle - Summation and TetanusIX-TA,FT-302, A-BST-100
AM-03:Heart MuscleIX-TA,FT-302, A-BST-100
AM-04:Uterine Motility with Displacement TransducerIX-TA,DT-475, STB-125
AM-05A:Intestinal Motility with Displacement TransducerIX-TA,DT-475, STB-125
AM-05B:Intestinal Motility with Force TransducerIX-TA,FT-302, STB-125
AM-06:Frog ElectrocardiogramIX-TA,iWire-B3G , C-ISO-F3
AM-07:Crayfish HeartIX-TA,FT-302
AM-08:Byssal Retractor MuscleIX-TA,FT-302, C-BNC-N2
AM-09:Crayfish Gut PharmacologyIX-TA,FT-302
AM-10:FrogNerveMuscle - Summation, Tetanus, and Fatigue in a IntactNerve/Muscle PrepIX-TA,FT-302, C-BNC-N2 , C-BNC-SE
AM-11:Earthworm Smooth Muscle ContractionsIX-TA,FT-302, STB-125
AM-12:Crayfish ElectrocardiogramIX-TA,iWire-B3G , C-ISO-N3
AMe-01-GA200:SmallAnimalRER-GA200IX-TA,GA-200 , AC-520 , A-CAL-150
AMe-01-GA300:SmallAnimalRER-GA300IX-TA,GA-300 , AC-520 , A-CAL-150
AMe-01-iWireGA:SmallAnimalRER-iWireGAIX-TA,iWire-GA , AC-520 , A-CAL-200
AN-01:Membrane PotentialsIX-TA,IC-200
AN-02:Compound Action PotentialsIX-TA,NBC-401, IWIRE-B3G
AN-03:Neuromuscular StudiesIX-TA,NBC-401, IWIRE-B3G
AN-04:Action Potentials in EarthwormIX-TA,NBC-401, IWIRE-B3G
AN-05:Cockroach Leg MechanoreceptorsIX-TA,C-ISO-N3, IWIRE-B3G
AN-07:Cockroach Cercal Sense OrgansIX-TA,iWire-B3G , C-MP-H2 , C-BNC-N2
AN-08:Frog Sciatic Nerve Compound Action PotentialIX-TA,NA-100, NBC-401
AN-09:Membrane Potentials - 3100IX-TA,AM-3100
AN-10:Crustacean Stretch ReceptorsIX-TA,iWire-B3G , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-11:Leech Central Nervous SystemIX-TA,AM-3100
AN-12A:Crustacean Neuromuscular JunctionIX-TA,C-BNC-P2, IWIRE-B3G , IC-200 , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-12B:Neuromuscular Junction in Crayfish - part BIX-TA,C-BNC-P2, IWIRE-B3G , IC-200 , A-SUCTIONELEC
AN-13:Crayfish Motor NerveIX-TA,iWire-B3G , A-SUCTIONELEC