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Brand Recognition

Science Behind Branding?

In these lab exercises, your students will determine which product brands are most recognizable by measuring reaction time when they are shown product logos of popular automobiles, soda, sneakers, fastfood and gasoline products.

The lab is easy to perform:

  • The test student holds an event marker that is connected to the iWorx TA control module
  • LabScribe software is pre-configured to automatically display the product logos in 2 second increments
  • Upon start, the student clicks the event marker as soon as the brand logo is recognized
  • Data is recorded and the student analyzes and compares the data in the different exercises

The results lead to an interesting discussion on which marketing campaigns were the best at generating awareness for the brand and why.

This lab is easy to perform and fun for students – and another reason why 68 of the U.S. News and World Report top 100 colleges and universities use iWorx  lab equipment.

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