Making Physiology Happen


National Instruments Compatible Kits

iWorx provides various teaching systems compatible with National Instruments Hardware and LabView.  This provides a solution for biomedical engineering programs where basic human physiology and virtual instrument design are the priorities.

For physiology course basics, the LabScribeNI software and NI recorders provide a rapid access, zero programming solution to acquiring and displaying basic physiological data. In other sections of the course, the same amplifiers and myDAQ can be used with National  Instrument’s powerful LabView programming environment for the creation of virtual instruments.

NI ELVIS educational platform

  • HK-ELVIS : The iWorx HK-ELVIS Human Physiology Teaching Kit for the National Instruments Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) enables biomedical engineering instructors to teach the theory, design, and prototyping of circuits and signal conditioning circuits as well as 17 experiments and 46 exercises in human physiology

Standard NI recorders

  • HK-400D-NI : HK-400D-NI is an ideal solution for biomedical engineering programs with existing NI recorders.

iWorx Recorders with LabView drivers

  • BIK-TA : BIK-TA BioInstrumentation Physiology Teaching Kit includes all of the necessary hardware and components, LabScribe software and expertly written courseware to teach 60 experiments and more than 175 exercises in cardiovascular, respiratory, and neuromuscular physiology


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