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Featured ExperimentEEG mind control

Controlling Your EEG Waves

Many people have eagerly awaited the day they cancontrol technology using just their brains. There are many articles out there aboutvideo games and even cars controlled only by a person’s mind. But this isn’tquite mind control, at this point no one is controlling technology with justtheir thoughts.

EEG caps sense the electrical activity inside aperson’s brain using a technique known as electroencephalography, or EEG. Thetechnique works in the manner: electrodes are placed on the surface of the head,generally using an EEG cap system. These electrodes measure the electricalsignals produced by the brain's neurons through the skin by looking atconductance. EEG has been used as a diagnostic tool for more than half acentury. Neurologists can identify patterns in a patient's brain wave activity,allowing them to spot abnormalities that could give rise to seizures or otherneurological disorders.

It is only recently that people have started using EEGas a way to control “things” such as technology and devices. EEG has been usedto help amputees control high-tech prosthetic limbs, think “Ironman Suit”. Patients with spinal cord injuries or otherdisorders could potentially use this technology to move wheelchairs and/orbetter communicate through computer interfaces.

EEG can't actually read a person's “thoughts”, instead,it connects neuronal patterns with actions or mental states. If someone movestheir hand, that creates a very clear signal that can then be linked to acomputer command. You can learn to control your brain wave patterns and thusyour EEG waves.It has been shown thatmeditation and mindfulness alter a person’s EEG waves, thus controlling howthey feel or react in certain stressful situations. Anxiety sufferers are being taught various methodsfor non-medicinal ways to control their symptoms and EEG-Biofeedback holds alot of promise.

Thislab uses EEG, meditation and scoring to see if brain wave activitycan be controlled to lessen feeling of anxiety and it also brings inthe challenge of having to compete with another subject.

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